Here are a few more faucets. These ones are a little different as you have to create an account. I have only included the ones I have been able to transfer to my FaucetPay account. They are most definitely worth checking out. 

There are several ways to earn from this site (faucet, PTC, Shortlinks etc.) I have received several payments from this one.

I have withdrawn many times so far (they offer 7 different coins for withdrawals). You can use the faucet every 2 minutes (100,000 coins each time). The trick is to do as many "shortlinks" as possible. Pays 1,200,000 coins for each one you complete. 

I have used this site for quite some time.  You get to choose how often to claim from the faucet (30 min.,1 hour, 4 hours etc). Best thing is you don't have to keep the page open to earn. Other ways to earn are via PTC, shortlinks etc. Have been paid many times. Upgrade is very cheap and you will earn more on your faucet earnings. 

Many ways to earn coins here. Cash out to FaucetPay. Have cashed out many times.

Works just like Coinadster. Several ways to earn. Cash out to FaucetPay. Have been paid.